With a majestic coastline the Icelandic people have been utilizing its goods since the first settlements. Fish, shark, whale and seal has been a part of Icelands diet since the Viking era. By joing this food walk you will get a glimps into icelands culture and history through different delicacies.

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On this tour the guide will not just provide you with delicious food, but you will get a guided tour through the city. On your way through the charming city you will stop along several restaurants that serve traditional and excellent dishes from the Icelandic kitchen. This is a superb way to get familiar with the city and learn about Icelands culture and history. 

This tour takes about 3,5 hours, and it is a great way to get to know the city and you'll see where all the good restaurants are located. The guide takes you to six different restaurants and you will taste 2-3 tasters at each restaurant. 

The restaurants will give you traditional Icelandic food; Skyr, homemade Icecream, hot dogs, sea food and lamb. If you're brave enough you can taste some of the other "specialties" of the Icelandic kitchen; fermented shark, goat testicles and sheep heads. 

A great part of Icelands culture and history is the way they prepare and cook the food, and the guide will tell you all about the unique methods they have used over the years. 

This is truly a delicious way to experience Iceland, and we highly recommend this tour. 

Season: All year

Duration: 4 hours

Meeting Point: Harpa Concert Hall & Conference Centre

Language: English

Prices Includes: Food, guide

This excursion is operated by: Wake Up Reykjavik