Raufarholshellir is one of the largest caves in Iceland, and said to be more than 1350 meters long, and have 4 entrences. Parts of the cave have collapsed and this makes it difficult to navigate. It is almost impossible to explore the cave during winter, because the rocks are covered in ice.

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Raufarholshellir Cave is one of the better known caves in Iceland and is easily accessible. The cave is approx. 1360 meters long and has 4 entrances. The cave has partially collapsed and this makes it difficult to navigate through. During the cold and windy winters on Iceland ice builds up in and around the cave. Each rock is covered with soap-ice and makes it almost inaccessible for tourists.

In the inner parts of the cave it splits into three smaller caves. This is where lava from different volcanoes gathered and formed Raufarholshellir more than 5,000 years ago. Lava waterfalls and other spectacular formations can be observed deep inside these tunnels. There are large rooms in Raufarholshellir, actually the largest on western Iceland. There are many details to study and you will definitely remember this special feeling from the cave for a long time.

To get to the volcano, participants must hike 3km each way, usually this tales about 40-45 minutes depending on the group. For the most part, the walk is on relatively flat ground, but the last piece is some uphill (about 100 altitude meters). On a difficulty scale, this tour is 2 out of 5. You do not need any experience from mountain tours to attend this tour.

Lava Tunnels

Under the surface of the earth, there is a lot of activity when a volcano has eruptions. When the lava flows to the surface at the crater there is a network of tunnels beneath the surface that brings lava miles away from the volcano. When there are no tunnels filled with liquid magma flowing through the pipes, they slowly drain and leave behind many caves and tunnels that wind through the landscape.

Duration: 5-6 hours in total (35-40 minutes inside the volcano)

Season: May - October

Prices Includes: Safety equipment, snacks

Prices Excludes: Food, transportation to and from departure area.

Recommendation: Proper footware, warm clothes

Obs! This tour is in English

This excursion is operated by: Inside the Volcano